Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No news is bad news

Still no news on little Haleigh Cummings. And in this case I imagine no news is bad news. I simply don't know what to think. I haven't been able to watch much news on TV. I remember when Denise went missing a lot of what was reported wasn't exactly misleading but simply not spot on.

It's frustrating. I guess what happened with Denise has jaded my opinion of the credibility of TV news sources. I really don't know how to word what I'm trying to say.

Let me try and spell it out if not for you at least for myself.

Do I trust TV news? Yes and no. Do I believe everything I see on TV? Definitely not. Do I believe TV crews purposefully mislead people? Not really. Maybe a little. But, no, I think they just want to keep a story alive.

Aside here: It's important to keep stories like Haleigh Cummings alive. We never want people to lose interest in finding a lost person, especially a child. So the fact that they are keeping this story alive is a good thing.

But in keeping the story alive, do they keep repeating themselves? Yes. Do they grasp at straws? Yes.

What about the Nancy Grace's and the Greta Van Susteran's of the world? Are they ambulance chasers making a buck over other people's misfortune? Yes. Do they truly care? I don't know. I guess Nancy Grace does.

A lot of people don't like Nancy Grace. I have difficulty watching her show. She seems to be a fairly bitter woman. Almost a shrew. I have nightmares that if I let my anger really take over that I'll become bitter too. I'll become a shrew. Apparently Nancy Grace has reason to be angry and bitter.

This is what wiki has to say about Nancy Grace:

"As a student, Grace was a fan of Shakespearean literature, and intended to become an English professor after graduating from college.[2] However, after the murder of her fiancé, Keith Griffin, when she was 19, Grace decided to enroll in law school and went on to become a felony prosecutor and a supporter of victims' rights.[4]"

I have to respect and admire that. I understand it too. I imagine that changed her world forever, just as Denise's murder has changed my world.

I know I'm not the same person I was before Denise died. And, I too, want to channel my anger and energies to where they may make a difference by helping others. Whether it's through 9-1-1 reform, helping to raise my grandbabies, or simply speaking out about homicide grief.

I have a difficult time watching Nancy Grace. I know from different people they have a difficult time reading my blog. I lack the social tact and graces I used to have. I understand at least some of what Nancy Grace is all about. Her world was shattered and blown apart. And she was only 19 years old.

Greta Van Susteran though. I don't get her. And, I like FoxNews. But Greta's show soured on me during the Natalie Holloway case. I was so sick of it. I still am sick of it. And that upsets me because Natalie Holloway deserves the same compassion as Denise did and does. But because it's been "over" reported people have become numb to it. That just seems wrong.

Both Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteran tried to do a story with Nate. But at the time we weren't interested.

In any case, little Haleigh's story needs to be kept alive, at least until they find her. And then if it's bad (and I imagine by now it's going to be bad) it needs to stay out there so we can take care of what went wrong.

What is it about Florida? Pilar Rodriguez, Caylee Anthony, Jessica Lunsford, Carlie Brucia, Trenton Duckett, Coral Rose Fullwood, and now Haleigh Cummings.

Now I'm not saying Haleigh is dead or even that Pilar is dead. We don't know. But they are missing and the pain and suffering their families are going through no matter how many years apart must still be intense.

It's interesting. I wish they'd keep these stories alive. I think of the Missouri boy, Shawn Hornbeck, quite often. Even before Denise went missing, I thought of him quite a bit and posted messages on his website. I'd love to know how he's doing. I know it would be an invasion of his privacy and his world has been messed with enough. But, I'd truly like to know that he's doing okay.

Excuse me for rambling about this. I'm just trying to get my thoughts straight

Denise Amber Lee case and Other news

Really there is not a whole lot of news right now. The case is moving forward. We think it'll be August 2008 but we're not banking on it.

The boys are doing well. They are happy again. They went through a spell of...... I don't know. They just weren't themselves but they are again. We're trying to potty train Noah and we're trying to wean Adam off the bottle.

Adam is talking up a storm. Repeats everything. He's also very independent. He runs now and is trying to learn to jump. This is scary because he's becoming a climber. And he's an eating machine. You have it, he wants it. He has it, he wants more. He'll eat just about anything.

Noah is no longer a baby. Noah has blossomed into a little boy. And he's all boy! He's now talking in full sentences. He can now discuss his feelings. He knows who lives down which roads. For example if we pass MomMom's street in the car, he'll say "MomMom's road!" He can tell you how to get from the house to the store by giving directions.

Both still love to be held though. Noah won't always give kisses and hugs anymore but he still enjoys just cozying up on Mark's or my lap.

I miss Denise all the time. Now that I'm reading "Peace is Every Step" I don't think about Denise 24/7 as I was doing. I've been practicing my breathing and smiling. It seems to be working.

And now that Nathan has a new lawyer I'm not nearly as obssessed with the Charlotte County Sheriff Office's I/A report into Jane Kowalski's mishandled 9-1-1 call.

I still worry about Nathan. I guess I always will. It breaks my heart to see him continually try to adjust to his new life without Denise. He does really really well. I'm so proud of him. But it's still hard. I'm glad we're here for him. And the Goffs. I'm glad they're here for him too.

If you're reading this, Brian, I miss you! Come home soon!!!

added edit: I just looked on the FDLE website for missing children. http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/mcicsearch/UnsolvedAlerts.asp

Pilar is not listed. Was she found? I don't know because she's still listed on the Charlotte County Sheriff Office's website.

Also looking at the FDLE website Haleigh Cummings is the correct spelling (Tammy you were right) and it's not Hayleigh Cummings.