Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our last night in the house

Started out to be very depressing and then extremely frustrating. All the major big pieces of furniture have been moved out. We're down to just the necessities. Mark says it reminds him of college. For me it reminds me of my old apartment. We only have to move the TV, the bed, the computer (LOL) and a couple of chairs. Then, of course the kitchen stuff. And of course clothes.

The house is a mess with leftover items strewn all about. It's so depressing Mark and I are numb and can't make any decisions. I just look at some of the stuff and stare with a blank look on my face. A lot of it I've just tossed.

Anyhow, we had to get out and get away from all of it. It was that depressing. We needed some sort of diversion. Mark hadn't eaten all day. He had breakfast around 8AM and that was it. By 8PM he still hadn't had anything else to eat. I had driven thru Burger Barf on my way home from work. He didn't want that but I needed to eat something. Anyhow, it was late so I said "let's go get something for you to eat. I'll just have a beer and you need to eat. Let's get out of here" and we left.

On the way to Leverock's which is only about 5 miles from our house we ran out of gas. Apparently the gas gauge is broken. Nathan had borrowed the car while Mark used Nathan's truck. Mark said as we left the house "oh look! Nate filled up the gas tank! That was nice!" And I agreed. Well, Nathan didn't (he didn't think he had to cuz the gauge said 'full') and we ran out of gas. I felt like someone was sticking needles in me. I mean, really, it was the LAST thing we needed.

We cancelled our AAA a few months ago because of the expense. Therefore, Nathan ended up having to go buy a gas can and bring us gas. It was awful. Poor Nate had been working all day and was still in his Best Buy shirt. Mark was tired. I was tired. Mark was frustrated. I was numb.

So, after Nathan filled the car up we still went into the restaurant.

AND WOW! Were we pleasantly surprised! They had a couple playing live country music. It was wonderful. Music can be such therapy and it transported us to a different place emotionally. I asked the lady (who was fantastic singing Sugarland and Faith Hill) for a business card for future reference in playing at some of our 9-1-1 fundraisers. The man ended up being JR Davis's brother. JR was the Charlotte County policeman who listened with Rick (Denise's dad) to Denise's frantic 9-1-1 call. God bless him for that. I don't remember meeting JR but I'm sure we had to of either at the viewing or the funeral. We've met so many people and we were zombies at the time. But I think of JR quite often. He probably doesn't know that. But having read the IA report so many times it's hard not to think of someone who was that close to everything.

He's the person that finally requested and got the first BOLO issued out of Charlotte County. I'm sure he's been effected by all this. If he ever reads this, I want him to know how grateful we are to him and he'll always be in our prayers. My prayers are pretty meager right now, but they are prayers and they go out to him in gratitude.

What nice people at the restaurant. What talent! And what started out as a very dismal evening became a very pleasant evening for us.

You gotta understand we don't get out much. And we love country music. They even played some Keith Whitley. Wow! One song about Lori Morgan had me in tears (honestly that doesn't take much but it was beautiful).

I do hope they look into Lonestar's "Not a Day Goes By". I think this guy good do a fantastic job with it. I KNOW she could sing Faithless Love.....

This is their website:

I feel very blessed tonight. I see light. Music is so good for the soul.