Sunday, March 8, 2009

My 100th post dedicated to Alex Teehee

The article below was in today's paper. I can't imagine what this family is going through. They are certainly getting the run around. I'll say this I'm happy for them that they are meeting with Bill Cameron. I can only hope and pray that he gives him straight answers as opposed to his political spin and the lies he gave Nathan.

I don't trust in an inch. But maybe he'll bring them some peace. For their sake I hope so. But I doubt it. And will never trust him.

I have a special place in my heart for Alex Teehee. Like Denise, he left behind two small children. And like us and the Goffs the grandparents have had to step up and do what they can in helping raise the children. And as Carol Teehee and I have both said "thank God for the children".

Last night in my post over on the homicide blog I mentioned a family where the children were killed too. That couple lost their daughter and grandchildren. I can't imagine. I simply can't imagine.

Well I better get packing. We're to be out of the house today but I wanted to let the Teehees know they are in my heart and prayers. I hope they keep fighting and not take no for an answer.

Alex deserves the fight and so do his children. God bless them all.

from the Sun Herald:

Family Looking for answers

Almost nine months after Alex Teehee's death, relatives say investigation is slow

A chilling call explaining his son was hit by a van was placed to Alex's Teehee's father, Tab, from a friend who took Alex's cell phone from the scene of the hit-and-run last July.

Now Tab wants to know why investigators allowed the cell phone to be removed by one of Alex's friends and why "no real follow-up" was done regarding the threatening messages left on Alex's phone.

Tab and his wife, Carol, of North Port, have a multitude of questions about the events leading up to Alex's death.

On July 13, Alex, 20, was struck by a van while walking on the edge of Sibley Bay Street around 11 p.m. in Port Charlotte, where he had just moved from North Port.

He was flown to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, but died the next day. A North Port High School graduate, Alex also was the father of two young boys. His sons, Kaden, 3, and Eli, 2, are in the custody of his parents.

"Alex's friend gave us back the cell phone," Tab said on Friday. "We played his voice-mail messages and learned someone threatened to kill him several times. We played it for investigators. They didn't ask us to take the phone as evidence. We still have it."

The Florida Highway Patrol is in charge of the investigation. The Teehees said from the beginning, the FHP and other law enforcement agencies have had limited communication with them.

"We just want to know if investigators have the same information as we do," Tab said. "We know they have possible suspects and know who the van is registered to. So much time has gone by, and there is still no arrest."

FHP Lt. Chris Miller said he understands the family is frustrated.

"We have not treated this as a cold case," Miller said. "In fact, we have had new leads and have spent time investigating. What has made things hard is some of the witnesses have left the area."

Tab says his family cooperated with law enforcement early on to assist in making a possible arrest. But after repeated unanswered phone calls to FHP, the State Attorney's Office in Punta Gorda, and the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, the family is fed up.

"Alex's murder was one of four in Charlotte County last year, and we have yet to be granted a face-to-face talk with the sheriff," Tab said.

However, on Friday afternoon, the CCSO called the Teehees to meet this week with Sheriff Bill Cameron.

The family likely will be told the CCSO is "not the lead agency" investigating.

"We are assisting FHP and the State Attorney's Office in their investigation," said David Bonsall, corporal in charge of operations for the CCSO. "We were asked to help follow up and assist them. We understand the family's concern."

Bonsall said he met with the family several weeks ago and passed along their concerns to the lead investigating agencies.

Tab says he has done a little investigating on his own and is disappointed law enforcement officials haven't questioned enough people in his son's neighborhood.

"I asked the hotel owner, who has seasonal residents living there, if he or anyone there was questioned by officers about the night Alex was killed," Tab said. "I was told, 'No.'"

Tab said he had to "throw a fit" when he learned the person investigating Alex's death was scheduled for vacation shortly after receiving the case.

He said Alex's clothing and jewelry went missing from Lee Memorial, and he still can't get answers about what happened to his son's belongings.

Miller said the FHP is collecting solid evidence, but it's time-consuming.

"We want to do this case right," he said. "We are gathering all of the facts."

Anonymous tips in the Alex Teehee hit-and-run case may be left at the Crime Stoppers tip line at 941-366-8477.

The family is offering a a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect.



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