Friday, March 6, 2009

Poor little Adam

Yes, he's feeling better so not to worry but! This is him on the right. That's Evan Longoria's (The Rays third baseman's) autograph.

Yesterday the guy went through a lot of trauma!!! He wasn't feeling well so we decided he needed to go to the doctor. I took him.

When we got to the office the electricity was out! Oh no! And Adam was running a temperature so this wasn't a good sign.

The nurses and the doctor were WONDERFUL. They saw him in the dark. I was glad of this. I didn't want to sit there and wait for the lights to come back on while he was miserable and I didn't want to reschedule. Anyhow, in the dark they checked his ears, nose and throat. Finally the lights came back on! Thank goodness because it had to be traumatic for Adam being checked out like that in the dark.

It gets worse. Poor pumpkin ended up having 7 (SEVEN!) needle pricks. First they thought it was strep. Nathan had strep two weeks ago before he went to CA. First they had to take a swab of his throat! AAAAH! Poor pumpkin. Then they pricked his finger for a blood count. Then they decided it wasn't strep but some form of tonsilitis. So they wanted to take a blood sample. They tried to take blood from inside both elbows. Nothing. (Adam wasn't hydrated so that wasn't the problem). Then they tried the tops of each hand. Poor pumpkin!

I had to hold him down through all this indignity! Poor pumpkin. My back and neck still hurt.

They finally got some blood through the wrist. That was number 6.

Poor pumpkin was whimpering. Literally whimpering and kept pointing at the door. I just know he's traumatized for life!

Then they came in with a humongous needle and gave him a shot of antibiotics in the thigh!

But Adam didn't give up without a fight. Everytime they put a Band Aid on him, he ripped it off and threw it at them!!!

He put up a remarkably glorious fight!!!!! Adam's tough!

Seriously though, he's fine. And seriously, the doctor and the nurses were fantastic. No complaints.

I just felt bad for Adam. He's such a good egg.