Friday, February 13, 2009

Haleigh Cummings and speculation

I will not speculate about the Cummings family. Or for that matter the Herrera family who lost two children who died in a trunk.

I feel intense pain and heartache for these families.

All I can do is share some of our experiences of when Denise went missing.

When Denise went missing Nathan became the first suspect. That afternoon, I was asked countless times whether Denise would have left willingly and if Nathan would hurt her. I can't tell you how unbearable it is to experience other people thinking your son could do anything so horrific. But speculation was rampant. And in a missing adult case the spouse is always this first suspect. Poor Nathan. We couldn't get on with worry about Denise and praying. We were being questioned. We don't blame the police for this. We blame the society we're living in. And we were more than willing to answer any questions we could if it meant helping to find Denise.

People speculated and still speculate that Denise knew the evil monster Michael King and that they were having an affair. It's ridiculous, hurtful and unkind. As if Denise would associate with such a person. It's ludicrous.

The police are proof positive that Denise had no clue who Michael King was and that she never set her eyes on the man before he kidnapped her, raped her and eventually murdered her.

Fortunately for us Denise left the best evidence to take suspicion away from Nathan. Not 3 hours after she was kidnapped she was able to make a 9-1-1 call. She kept the call taker on the line for 7 minutes. During that time she stated she was kidnapped and that her babies were home alone. Thank you, Denise, for that.

I can't imagine if Nathan had been a suspect for several days. I believe the pain would've been unbearable.

When Jessica Lunsford went missing there was intense suspicion focused on Mark Lunsford. We later found out that Mark Lunsford had nothing to do with Jessica's demise. It was the evil monster John Couey.

Before Denise went missing, I will admit that I would probably have joined in on the speculation. Now? Never again. I know first hand how hurtful it is for people to assume things when the not even the police know what to think.

In any case I hope this little girl is found soon for everyone's sake.

I just can't believe this is happening again. It's so so horrible.

Anyway, I beg for people to not speculate on this family until the facts come out. I don't know this family. But I do know some of their unbearable pain.

Please. If they or anyone of them are involved, let the police speculate and figure it out. Do not put these people on trial until a trial is deemed necessary. Let them get on with their prayers and heartache and leave them alone. That is unless you know something. In that case, go to the police with it right away.

It's the only compassionate thing to do.