Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Administration Steps Up Again

yeah right! Gotcha!

Friday over a week ago, I sent an email to several neighboring counties sheriff's and police departments asking them to distribute a flyer about our cookbook.

Here is a copy of the email I sent to Bob Carpenter at the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office:

Hello, Mr. Carpenter,

I was wondering if your office could distribute the attached flyer to your
department and staff. Many people from the CCSO helped in the search for
Denise. So many who worked so hard to bring her home that terrible
night...... they will always have our heartfelt gratitude.

It is our belief they may be interested in ordering a copy of the cookbook
or they may want to submit recipes.

Thank you,

Peggy Lee
The Denise Amber Lee Foundation

Below is what the flyer looked like:

The Denise Amber Lee Foundation Cookbook

• Reserve your copy today!
• Only Limited quantities will be available
• $15 each

Make checks payable to: The Denise Amber Lee Foundation
Note “cookbook” on check and mail to:
The Denise Amber Lee Foundation
Attn: Peggy
P. O. Box 639
Englewood, FL 34295-0639
Include $3.95 (add .99 per extra book) for shipping and handling

• Remember quantities will be limited. We’re hoping to get enough advance orders to keep the price at $15 when they come out in October. Otherwise the price will go up to $18-$20.

• I’m really concerned we’re not going to be able to order enough books so, please, if you want one, reserve it today by mailing your check. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

• We’re still accepting recipes until April 30th. We intend to extend this to May 15th for the 9-1-1 industry people we meet in Vegas. Email your recipes to

• I’ll be selling the cookbook out at the conference we’re going to. I plan on getting many more recipes out there. So, if you send recipes, send at least 4 or 5 so we can pick at least 1 or 2 of yours.

• Locals can save shipping by picking up the cookbook in Englewood or Port Charlotte

Now....... you tell me. What's wrong with that? Did we do something wrong in trying to include the CCSO? Was it tacky? Was it ballsy? Or was it simply the right thing to do in extending an olive branch?

I don't know.

Sadly, we heard through the grapevine (Mr Carpenter never answered my email) the CCSO is working on their own cookbook where they are going to collect money for their own charities.

Even though our non-profit is out there fighting everyday for improved 9-1-1 cellular technology and mandatory standards and certification for call takers and dispatchers they wouldn't distribute the flyer. Both things we are fighting for would would have definitely helped prevent Denise's and many other's deaths.

IMO, it sux that the CCSO is discouraging their men and women from contributing to our cookbook. Afterall, many of these men and women helped search for Denise during those awful days. And many are Rick's friends who watched Denise grow up.......

Sheriff Bill Cameron seems to be following Retired Sheriff John Davenport's lead.