Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Denise, What a Sweetheart She Was

I don't blog much about Denise. It's awfully difficult. I always end up crying but today I'm starting out by crying.

While we were moving we came across a lot of Nate's stuff stored at our house. In one box were some of Denise's things. This is where I found her recipes. I don't have a lot of things of Denise's. She didn't live and wasn't married long enough to accumulate a lot of things. Anyhow, because Nathan and Denise didn't have a printer but had a computer, Denise would look up recipes on the internet and then handwrite out the recipes. She researched everything! We even found handwritten notes on how she was potty training Noah.

She was trying so hard to be a successful, loved, and accomplished mother and wife. She loved being home with the boys. She liked to go out too but she enjoyed her life.

I've been typing the collection of recipes she had handwritten and I just can't help admire and remember what a lovely young woman she was.

She was just a tiny little thing and beautiful on the inside and out. She was generous. She was selfless.

She certainly didn't deserve to suffer the way she did and she didn't deserve to die.

I look at Noah and Adam. I think of all they are missing and are going to miss. How disrupted their little lives have been.

I watched this video yesterday. You can't help but notice how she's always smiling. You see the joy in the babies and Nate. I look at Nate and I think, there's the old Nate! We'll never have him back either.

Video: http://videos.lifetributes.com/MediaViewer/MovieViewer.aspx?id=13785#

sorry to be so morbid. It's really not morbid IMO. It's just naturally missing and grieving a lovely young woman.

How could someone throw away and dispose of such a lovely person? How could someone hurt her and humiliate her? How could someone have so little respect for life that they'd kill her and then dump her.

I'm sorry. I just don't get it.


I guess it's time to go do some needlepoint and remember our blessings. I'm picking up the boys today and we'll have them for dinner:o)

We've got them! Thank God.

Because SHE saved them. Sweet, wonderful, beautiful, smart girl, our Denise.

Love you and miss you, sweetheart.