Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp

I truly hope someone looks into this guy. He seems to think he's above the law too. This is the guy who is protecting our governor, Gov. Charlie Crist, from our family. We don't believe the governor sees or wants see anything we've written to him about 9-1-1 reform. We don't believe the governor hears or wants to hear anything we have to say about 9-1-1 reform. Why? Because this guy, Lt Gov Kottkamp, grew up and is buddy buddy with guess who! Sheriff Bill Cameron. The man directly responsible for the 9-1-1 debacle that happened in Charlotte County the night my daughter in law, Denise Amber Lee was kidnapped, raped and shot in the head. I'm amazed Governor Charlie Crist hasn't taken an interest in all the 9-1-1 issues especially with all the coverage from the media. We're talking about public safety. The entire nation is talking about Denise's story and her story is being used in training centers as far a way as California. California wants to talk about it. Nathan is going to California to speak before a 9-1-1 convention. And our governor won't even look at the issues that I'm aware of.

There can be only one reason. He endorsed Bill Cameron who would love for this to be "kept" under the rug. It'll be embarrassing if people find out that his Lt Gov Jeff Kottkamp knew about it. Just my opinion, of course. We don't know for sure because we need an external investigation and only the governor can request and insist on that.

I would love to see the entire story come out someday. I would love to have our questions finally answered.