Monday, February 2, 2009

Denise Amber Lee Foundation and 9-1-1 reform

We're making some major headway, IMO, in improving things or at least in bringing about awareness of some of the issues involving 9-1-1 inefficiencies. Who's responsible for all this headway? And who is going to continue the fight? And should'nt we all be on the same team?

Tonight this was aired by Ron Filipkowski on his show Clout941 with his guest, our good friend and foundation member City Commissioner of North Port David Garofalo:

I hated to see Mr Filipkowski take such a stab at Zac Anderson. Yes, I agree 100% with Mr Filipkowski that it was in truth insinuated that all this 9-1-1 reform attention, specifically by Rep Roberson, was a result of Zac's series of articles. In Zac's latest article, he seemed to be patting himself on the back. And he made no mention of the angels in blue, the Denise Amber Lee Foundation and the efforts that Nathan and his father-in-law, Rick have been making. We've been working on this reform for a year. My husband, Mark, has spent endless hours in studying the state of the 9-1-1 industry across the country. I can't begin to list all the people involved who have helped us by not only educating us but by supporting us. There are even people who are working behind the scenes that I can't name due to their job security.

Anyhow, IMHO, we all need to stay on the same side and not attack people who are helping the cause. And Zac's series of articles did help.

Who cares if Zac patted himself on the back? Maybe he did'nt realize he was doing it. He's done a great deal for us writing that series of articles and I guarantee you it didn't make him many friends in the 9-1-1 industry. Reading the comments on the Herald Tribune website......... Whew! I say this kiddingly, but if Zac were to call 9-1-1......... I think he'd get an earful.

Again, I just think we need not get on him for this. There are plenty of people who will get ahead simply by being involved with the Foundation and 9-1-1 reform. They will win fans, voters and supporters whether they are journalists or politicians. Some will be sincere in helping us and others will use it as a stepping stool. I believe Zac is sincerely concerned about the state of our 9-1-1 system in Florida. If he gets to use a few steps to move up a ladder, good for him! Those same people will lose fans and voters. The main thing is we fix the problems where needed.

And if that series of articles earns Zac an award or two, then hey! Great! That's even better because it'll put the series of articles in the news again! They may even get national attention and not just by 9-1-1 dispatchers.

I understand what Mr Filipkowski was saying. Zac should've mentioned the Foundation, Rick, Nate, Paige Kreegel and countless others. Maybe by "making him weasel of the week" Zac will be sure to mention everyone who has been working so hard.

I do want to thank Mr Filipkowski very much for bringing more awareness to the Foundation by talking about it tonight on his show.

Also, there is no better spokesperson for us, other than maybe Nate, than David Garofalo!

Aside to David if you read this: WOW! You were great!!! Go North Port!