Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Noah and Adam

this was written by on-line friends and can be found here

Dear Noah and Adam, I look to this as comfort and I hope you do to. It comes from the heart and it speaks great truth. I love you, pumpkins. Please read and take heed. Grandma

Dear Adam and Noah:

Although we have never met, we know you and your father and mother because of your Grandma Peggy (she is a wonderful woman!).

Our heart is broken for the loss of your mother, and our prayers are with you, your father, and your grandparents, aunts and uncles.

We are all saddened that you will grow up not knowing your mother personally. There are no words to take away that pain or to make sense of the evil that happened.

But as you grow up we hope you know and are always aware of who she was and how much she loved you. Jesus tells us "there is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends".

Your mother is a hero of gigantic proportions. She is a saint who showed heroic virtue and who laid down her life for you. She loved you more than life itself. That is almost too much to understand.

Her life and her death shows us all the power of love triumphing over unspeakable evil.

Throughout your lives you and your father will have to struggle to make sense of one person's senseless act that took your mother from you. There are no easy answers.

But the greatest tribute you can make to your mother is to live as she did -- living for others, loving others, caring for others, sacrificing for others. That is the heart of what love is.

That is the love that your mother lived.

And that is the love that we hope you can both find in your own hearts.

God bless you,

Steve and Trish Schloeder
Phoenix Arizona