Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dear Coward/Anonymous

On Friday, I received this blog comment:

"Boy it sounds like he has it so ruff taking vacations every week with his girl friend and parents. And if I have my information right he has had the girl friend around since a yeat ago June. And if it's not a vacation then why does so many people go and who is footing the bill. "

I've recieved many comments from the above individual. I know it's the same individual because he/she seems to use the term "rough" quite often and can't seem to spell it. I don't know who this individual is but I do know that he/she is a coward. They are a coward for not posting under their real name. I also know this person is mean, angry, spiteful, hurtful and ignorant. Ignorant of the facts and ignorant as to human feeling and empathy.

Anyone who would deny my son any sense of happiness and comfort after what he's been through is heartless and they did not know Denise very well, if at all. I doubt they even met Denise. Because if they had met her and gotten to know her, they would know that Denise is the person who drives Nathan forward. Denise would not want him cowering in a corner. He did that and it wasn't very healthy for him. Denise would want him to fight for happiness and fight for change. She drives him. And if the above coward believes that "fighting" for happiness is easy and that is what we do on a daily basis or if the above coward thinks fighting for changes is easy, they are wrong.

I'm very proud of Nathan and my family.

The coward who wrote this is also very ignorant as to our cause. I do not understand how anyone could consider what we're doing as wrong. That is unless they possibly work for or run the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. Indeed, it must be someone very sour. Other than that, I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams who would write this stuff. How can anyone be so odious? So very very cruel.

I invite this coward to call me or email me directly anytime if he or she has questions as to what our foundation is doing.

Dear coward, it is you who are cowering in the corner. Not very rewarding is it?

added edit: FWIW, Nathan did not have a girlfriend as of June last year. I remember June last year and Nathan was struggling to work, living alone with the two boys. I remember going over to pick up the boys every morning and when I did? I would find 60-70 Kleenex's on the floor and videos and pictures of Denise scattered everywhere. Dear coward, you have no clue as to what my son has endured and suffered. So, get off my back. You are a loathsome and a very sad individual. God grant you peace. You need it.