Friday, June 5, 2009

A tragedy in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A true tragedy. Be prepared because this is disturbing. The website says:

Warning: This is a tape of a 911 call from Kimberlyn Rae Kendrick to dispatchers in Pryor before she drowned in her car May 2. This tape may contain material that is disturbing to some listeners.
The Tulsa World requested the tape of the 911 call from Kendrick as part of its duty to inform readers about how well their government is working, said Executive Editor Joe Worley.
"We believe it is important for citizens to understand how well their emergency operations systems are responding. This case provides insight into that system and hopefully will bring discussion about possible ways to improve it.''

What took so long???????? TEN MINUTES!!!! Well, IMO, and I'm no 9-1-1 expert but I have learned this much, we need to be able to locate cell phones!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Rep Mike Reynolds (R) Oklahoma, wants to cut back 9-1-1 funding?????

After ten minutes the fire department is still asking "which road?" God above.

Why are we not using GPS technology in cell phones and 9-1-1 centers? That's the tragedy here. The fire department and 9-1-1 center were doing, IMO, their best. It's the funding and not using technology that's available.

This woman was on the phone for 10 minutes. If we were using GPS technology in all cell phones and 9-1-1 centers she'd be alive today. And so would Denise. I was told I would cry when I listened to this but all it does is make me angry but my heart is breaking. I'm crying on the inside. I feel as if I'm bleeding on the inside.

She could have been saved.