Saturday, June 20, 2009

I love this comment! Dispatch Monthly On Line

Josh K said:
Yeah Seems a little stupid to lay off 6 Dispatchers and take Deputies of the road. The cost of Deputies is way more than the cost of Dispatchers, since every state in the US of A pays their Dispatchers way less than their Officers. Why didn't they just lay off the Deputies, I mean they can't work the road while they are Dispatching anyways. The county would have saved way more money by laying off the deputies, but of course its just another case of Command staff not caring about the professionals that sit behind the console.

God knows most Cops can't dispatch either!, but they sure love to from their cars....


Sheriff Lays Off Entire Comm Center Staff

Saturday, June 13 2009

Budget cuts have forced the Marion County (Ohio) sheriff to lay off all six of the comm center dispatchers, replacing them with deputies. Sheriff Tim Bailey told a reporter, "I don't see a loss in service or the quality of service. If somebody calls with an emergency, we will answer it and someone will be there." County commissioners asked department heads to cut 6% from their budgets to make up a $2.6 million deficit. Bailey said he trimmed $80,000 from fuel and training, but needed another $92,050 in savings, which he obtained from the dispatcher cuts. The lay-offs are effective July 1st.