Sunday, April 19, 2009 Web Poll


Are you confident that your 911 dispatchers are providing you with all available and pertinent information on your calls?

Yes: 20.6 %
No: 79.4 %

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I don't even know what to say. I'm without words and saddened.

Obviously, Denise's tragedy isn't isolated especially in Florida. Olidia Kerr Day and Jennifer Johnson here in Florida. Matthew Cantrell in Texas. Brittany Zimmerman........

The three policemen killed in Allegheny County equally tragic if not more so.

All saints and martyrs for a cause. The cause being to fix 9-1-1 nation wide. Let's give these call takers and dispatchers the technology they need and let's certify them. And let's weed out the ones that will not step up and use the technologies that are available to them. Not to mention the ones who have lost their compassion. We've all heard those stories. I can't help but think of Matthew Cantrell. If you haven't read his story, he's the little one year old I blogged about here:

It's a high stress job and we need our front lines to be top notch people with not only compassion but integrity.

In my opinion, there are outstanding 9-1-1 centers and then not-so-good 9-1-1 centers. I imagine that 20% that answered yes are working in states that have standards set. I imagine they have quality assurance programs and are using the best technologies available and affordable.

This poll is a prime example of why we need a set of national standards.

I've never been one to be for more laws. At one time I was a registered Libertarian. But in this case? Geesh. We have to do something.

I posted yesterday what happened in our area on Friday. They got it right. They say they did. But only after Denise lost her life do they have the radios finally communicating properly between the Sarasota and Charlotte County.

I hate to see others have to lose their lives so that patching radios isn't a problem.

We still don't know if the 9-1-1 call taker who handled Jane Kowalski's call is using her CAD system properly. Is she still writing things down first? So she has 15 years experience! What good is all that experience if she's not following procedure and using the latest technology available to her.

It's just wrong. We have to get this right. And it has to be nation wide.

Just my opinion.