Monday, March 30, 2009

Pins and Needles and work

Sitting here at work is driving me crazy. Nathan and Mark are in meetings still discussing even more changes to the bills being proposed up in Tallahassee.

I sure hope they get this right. I have to have faith. We need changes and we need them pronto. But they need to be the right changes and what's best for public safety.

I mean it. You can't imagine how strongly we feel about this and helping to prevent another family from suffering the way Olidia's family, our family and other families have suffered knowing that the death of their loved one could have been prevented.

It's a shame and IMO a sin to put politics, money and power before public safety.

Gotta get back to work. I just had to write and do something. It's terribly frustrating. I feel like that "hand wringing" parent John Walsh was talking about. Mark and Nate are smart and strong and honest. They are working with some very good peeps that I've come to consider closer to me than some of my family. I don't what we would've done without these people. They know who they are. God bless you.

So many wonderful people in our lives..............

Thank you.