Tuesday, March 24, 2009

North Port School Naming Update

Nathan talked to the principal of the new school in North Port this morning. He had concerns. He didn't want Denise to be remembered in a negative light. In other words as "the woman murdered in North Port" which is what was printed in the newspaper. He wants her remembered for all the positives she brought to us and continues to bring to us through the boys, the 9-1-1 reform and for the way the community came together. All were and are awesome.

Anyhow, the principal said that it's down to 5 names and Denise's name is not included. They didn't select any person's name but selected only geographical names.

We're a little let down but not a lot. It would've been such an honor! But then Joan Morgan deserves the honor too! And it may have taken away from the other tragedies etc..... Who would want to minimize someone else's pain and suffering?
So maybe it's a good thing!