Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The speculation into Haleigh Cummings disappearance

I really wish it would stop. I have no connection to this family. I just feel for them. I said it before. Before Denise died I probably would be speculating too.

But if this family is feeling what I felt when Denise died, they are feeling "emotionally exposed and naked." It's an awful feeling. You feel like a circus monkey.

There are these two separate comments about the biological mom on one of the websites:

1sr comment:

I think the biological mother has something to do with it, why hasn’t she cried? She seems to be going along with everything, but doesn’t seem sad, just my opinion, but I know if that ever ever happened to any of my children I would be going crazy!!

2nd comment:

i think the real mom took her and is hiding her somewhere she knows fathers work schedule and knows 17 yr old would be blamed, she could have told her to be quiet explaining how misty didnt wake up or hear anything, just a gut feeling she was prob pissed she lost custody went awfully fast from blaming misty to all of the sudden saying she doesnt think misty did anything.. she and her mom put that in everyones head then defends her also dont remember mom talking poly..


Geez! Who knows why the mom isn't crying. Maybe she doesn't like the feeling of being a circus monkey. Maybe she's numb. If she's innocent of any crime here, I can only imagine her feelings of guilt. The only thing we know she's guilty of is losing custody of Haliegh to the biological dad. That's pretty bad. I imagine she's feeling horrific guilt for not being a stable enough parent to be there for her child. And she believes that if she were a better mom maybe this wouldn't be happening.

We can't draw conclusions that she's guilty of murder just because she hasn't cried.

As to the second comment, yeah, I guess it's possible. But who knows? I imagine the police have already considered this if only because when a child is missing from a broken home the first person they look at is the other parent (the one without custody). Just as in Denise's case, the first person they looked at was Nathan.

So all these theories are just spinning air.

We shouldn't start putting someone on trial until we know who to put on trial.

Let's concentrate on finding this little girl.

I'm telling you, having been through it, these people are suffering and are under an unbelievable amount of strain. And I guarantee you they have family members reading this BS on the web.

We need to be praying and not speculating. Just my opinion.

The only reason I keep repeating myself is I hope that this message just reaches if only a few people that it will be heard and people may feel more compassion.

As I said in a earlier post, I know it's because we're all searching for answers. I understand that. And I may have joined in on the speculation before Denise died. But now I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of the speculation. It's horrible. You're already feeling confused, lost, numb, helpless, grief stricken in not knowing, powerless, dread, worry and a gambit of emotions that I can't even begin to describe.

I'm not trying to preach. I'm just trying to send a message. I imagine the Lunsfords, the Brucias, the Ducketts etc..... would all understand what I'm trying to say.