Monday, February 23, 2009

Last night's comment on Haleigh Cummings Rant Thread

Last night I received this comment on my rant:

Geraldo had a reason for going after the father. He has a photograph of a very beaten up Haleigh. It seems the child has been abused, and on multiple occasions. The legal dept. at Fox is trying to confirm the validity of the photo, as well as any legal ramifications, before they release it. Geraldo is merely doing his job, maa'm. If the child was abused, then I would say that's pretty relevant, wouldn't you? Anonymous

see link:

How to respond?

Until Fox verifies the photo, I believe it's best to hold onto this type of, yes, I would agree very crucial information. But apparently Fox hasn't verified the photo.

Shouldn't Fox give the photo to the police? Who in their right mind would give the photo to FoxNews and not the police?

That's sick. And it's still wrong IMNSHO to go after the father until they have their facts straight.

Sick. When Denise was missing a witness came forward who claimed to have seen her at the post office "without" the kids. That's pretty bad stuff. For anyone to think Denise would leave the kids home a lone was ludicrous. It's been proved she wasn't at the post office and she never left her kids. But you know what? Because it was reported, people believed it. I still get people asking me about the post office.

All along it was some nut case who only wanted his/her 5 minutes of fame.

So, dear FoxNews, please give the photo to police and verify it before you report it. Because, personally, I'm not going to believe it until it's proven.

added edit: I would very much like to know 'who' gave this photo to police. And I'd look very critically at that person. Why wasn't the photo given to DCF at the time of the alleged abuse? Does the police have a copy of the photo too? Who leaked this if they do, and what agenda do they have? It's just too sad.