Friday, January 30, 2009

Another tragedy in Southwest Florida

Last week at the Merle Norman store I work in, I was waiting on a customer who I've grown to really like. We're only acquaintances but I think we could be friends if we knew each other better. Anyhow, she likes for me to wait on her because she likes trying the newer colors and "playing" with eye shadows etc... For some reason, last Friday (I can't remember exactly what was going on, there's been so much) when she came in wanting to experiment I simply froze! My brain just didn't function. I couldn't wait on her. She was very understanding and decided to come back today. Well, I thought about her throughout the week. I kept thinking of different colors. When I got to work today, I took off my eye make up and started playing before she came in so I'd be ready for her. I was having a fairly good day because I felt as if I was accomplishing something and I was creating.

Sadly, she came in towards the end of the day. I had already started putting the colors away etc... When I saw her she looked "different". She looked sad. I was immediately concerned when she said "last week you were the zombie. Now this week I'm the zombie. I stopped in to tell you that I can't play.... " I was immediately concerned. Then she told me about this. I totally missed it in the papers. I shy away from anything tragic. I can't imagine... I just can't imagine. They are her niece and nephew in-laws (I think that was the relationship) and she talked about Christmas and painting the little girls nails etc..... they were family.

I can only hope I helped this woman in some way. I felt and feel so sad. I just can't imagine...

I am praying for the Herrera family and their extended family. I deleted a post I had written the other day. I was speculating. And I remember when we lost Denise how others speculated and how much it hurt. I think it's best to leave speculation to the Collier County Sheriff's Office.

God bless those little angels. Mark said when Denise died to Nate "If God needed an angel, he picked the perfect person." Well if God needed two more angels, He found them in these two little innocent children.