Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Denise Amber Lee / Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Timeline for January 17, 2008

Hopefully today will be the last time I ever have to look at this timeline. Because I'm the one who read the I/A report, I'm the one who has to present it anew to any persons who are getting involved in the case whether they be reporters, investigators.... whatever.

I honestly don't want Mark or Nate to ever have to read the I/A report if they don't have to but! if I keep having to go over it, I'm afraid one of them will have to take over. And, it's just painful.

I just want to hand it to somebody and say "go at it" but they need to have the passion for 9-1-1 reform that we have.

Every time I present it to new persons I go over it to make sure it's all there and I have my facts straight.

I went over it again today. Sigh! Hence this post.

The other day I talked about feeling ill whenever I see a CCSO car. I assume it's because I associate them with this crap.

I don't feel sick when I see NPPD cars! I get a good feeling when I see them. I want to wave and yell thank you to them!

In any case, I won't post the timeline here. This timeline I'm talking about is much more detailed and more explicit than the timeline I posted a couple of weeks ago. I really don't want anyone else to ever have to read it unless it's going to help Nathan's case and it's going to help fix the problems.

I would like Governor Crist to read it sometime. So........ if anyone out there has any connections and can guarantee that he'll see it and that it'll get past his Lt Gov Kottcamp (apparently a childhood buddy of Bill Cameron's), I'd appreciate the help.

He should know what's going on down here.

here's the full time line I posted before: