Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to my world

oh my, this is something new. Tammy got me started on this and I believe it's a very good idea. It's been almost a year since we lost Denise and I best start writing.

As you know, this is an attempt to spell out some of the things that went wrong for Denise that night. Maybe by writing about them I'll be able to move on. To be honest, I don't really want to move on until some of the problems are addressed and fixed. Nathan is tackling the nation and trying his best to bring about 9-1-1 standards across the country. That's a pretty big dragon. We believe that most of the 9-1-1 centers are probably doing an acceptional job. But many are not. We'd like to raise the standards of those that are not.

Mark and I have been trying to tackle our local sheriff's department. We're trying to bring light to our own issues in our own back yard. We truly believe that even though they didn't pull the trigger, what they did and didn't do directly led to her death.

John Davenport and Bill Cameron would prefer that we just go away. But we're not. We're going to try every medium possible to expose the problems. John Davenport says it was a "missed opportunity" and "by doing too much, we did too little". Well it's a lot more complicated than that. Bill Cameron said "we have excellent dispatchers" and "no issues in our 9-1-1 center" on his campaign trail to sheriff. He's since been elected. If he truly believes that and was being what he thought was honest then perhaps he'll read this blog and have his eyes opened. But then he was in charge that night so truly, he should know better.

I guess I sound very angry. And that would be true, I am. But I'm also very sane and very sensible. I can forgive human error. But this goes beyond that.

Welcome to my world. And this truly has taken over our world outside our family. Our family was very close and tightly knit before this happened. We've come together and are even more tightly knit now. Our world mostly revolves around our family. Especially the babies, Noah and Adam. They come first. But anything extraneous in our world now revolves around this.

We can't do much about the perpetrator who is behind bars. But we can tell Denise's story. And we can tell our story which has been a story of grief. And we can tell of our frustrations with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office.

Let me make this clear. This isn't an indictment against the entire CCSO force. They have been wonderful. They were right there along side Nate when we were searching. The majority of the men and women working for the sheriff's office have been nothing but kind. It has only been a select few who have disgraced, in our opinion, their CCSO family by the way the treated our family, this incident and the subsequent occurrences since the incident.

We have nothing against the men and women who put their lives on the line daily for us.