Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Card to the Puentes

I just want you all to know, how very VERY much I'm missing each and every one of you. I have so many fond memories of our Christmas' together. The times when all the presents were lined up on Grandmom and Granddad's stairs. The times with Bobby, Kathleen, Tommy and Cathy.

I remember the year Ann told me there was no Santa:0) LOL!

And the times Terri, Chris and I would watch that tower out the French windows of our bedroom and think the red flashing light (I think it was the tower on Television Hill) was Rudolph even though that flashing light was there all year round.

Remember coming home from school to see the note taped to that old black and white television announcing:

"Do not turn on TV. Rudolph is coming on tonight!" For fear the TV would black out and the screen would get smaller and smaller until there was only a dot! hahahhahahaha

Anyhow, I didn't send cards this year. I didn't know what to say. So I decided to send this!

It's been a tough year for our family down here but each and every one of you truly stepped up and have helped us through it.

Thank you for that.

Some of our friends and family down here want us to move on and forget this past year. But, Ann knows, I'm sure that will never happen.

We watched John Walsh the other night on TV and even after 27 years, you could still see his heart breaking. And from the members of the support group I talk to, it seems that's the reality of murder. It's not gotten over so easily.

I know Rich understands. He's been absolutely phenomenally supportive. Dear Rich. I ached so bad for you when you lost Alice but I had no clue as to how much you were truly in pain. Now I know. Thank you for being there for Nate and me and Mark and Brian. You know and you get it!
Anyhow, sorry for this to get this way. I didn't mean to go into that. I seriously wanted this to be an upbeat Christmas note with wonderfully fond memories of singing around the piano.

I'll never forget Ann's impersonation of Bing Crosby singing White Christmas hubba hubba.

Or David McDermott stopping by to see either Mike or Jimmy on Beacon Hill. Dad made him come in (and I know David had to be high on pot, Dad probably knew it too) and he had him sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing to my piano playing. Poor David! He sang it, right there next to the mantle.

Anyhow, God bless you all with a very blessed Christmas.

Please know, we're in pain but it's a natural pain that should be expected. It's not an illness. It's a reality.

I miss you and love you all so damn much.

Christy, Brian bought a goose this year and he's fixing it with fond memories of the year Wayne fixed that goose.

Michael, I'll never forget that at least you know We Three Kings on the piano.

Oh, geez, I could go on with memories but best not. It'll sound like Meet Me in St Louis. Christmas carols around the piano and everyone asking me not to sing and just play.

Mom's cookies...... Honestly? Maybe they're what I miss most!!!!! LOL!

Love and merriness to all of my family scattered throughout the world.

And, Danny, please come home safe and sound. Of all my memories of Christmas, seeing you as a little boy while I was a teenager and watching your pure joy at receiving Army men. YOU, Dan, made Christmas' the best time of year.



PS Denise would've fit in perfectly. I know you know that after that first and only 4th of July she shared with us. She loved our family and she and Nate wanted so BAAAAAD to move to Maryland. She just loved all the activity and joy.
Again, God bless you all with a very blessed Christmas
PPSS I added a few friends who are like family to me so if you see names you don't recognize, it's just because they are so special to me and have been wonderful as well. Some I TRULY do consider my family down here. They've been that wonderful