Friday, June 12, 2009

Grapevine, Texas

For those of you who don't know..... Mark and I got stranded last night in Grapevine, Texas! We're here now and we won't be able to fly out until tomorrow AM. Ugh!

Apparently, Wednesday night (the night before we were to fly out) lightning hit the American Airlines tower at the airport. All flights (on AA) were delayed. Then yesterday they cancelled them all. Ugh!

Because it was a "weather related" incident and not a problem with the plane, in order not to lose the money for our original tickets, we need to fly back American Airlines. if there had been a problem with the plane we could've flown out on another airline. We still could've flown out on another airline but we would have had to pay full price for the tickets. Same day? yeah, right. $400-500 a ticket! One way! It was more cost effective to just stay in a hotel and eat sandwiches.

We're running into other 9-1-1 convention goers in our hotel. Some of our friends rented a car and went into Dallas today to see the "grassy knoll" and the building Oswald used etc........ Well, call me Debbie Downer but I'm just not into going to see the grassy knoll. Too, too depressing. Plus, I'm not a major fan of JFK. I love history. If it was Eisenhower's place in Gettysburg, or Robert E. Lee's birthplace in Arlington, or better Mount Vernon, then yes, I may have gone. But death, bullets, assassination. Not today. It's a shame to have that kind of opportunity and not do it. I think Mark would have gone but, no, I'm exhausted.

Also, I found out yesterday that my best friend's father maybe and most likely is dying. I wish I could be with her. I wish there was some way to help. She's been so SO SOOO supportive.... Crap. Now I'm crying thinking about how I'm not there for her.

Also, I can't stop thinking about that creep who thinks this is a vacation for us. What an ass. An utter ass.

Okay, Peggy, deep breath. Think of all the positive things happening.

And those positive things are being a part of a 9-1-1 community that could have shunned us but instead have welcomed us.

sigh. Sorry to whine. I really do feel like Debbie Downer. whaaa whaaa whaaa whaaa.

There's a jogging trail somewhere around here. No, I'm not going to jog! LOL!!!! But I will take a walk. Mark's on Nate's laptop working diligently answering and sending 9-1-1 emails. Lucky for me they have computers for use here in the lobby.

Off for a walk. Oh, and sorry, I keep playing with this template:o)