Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's difficult to put in words

It's difficult to put in words how overwhelmed I feel today. Such a mixture of emotions that maybe some of you will understand and maybe others won't.

We live on such a roller coaster and it's a daily roller coaster. We're either very very high with our hopes, aspirations and energy or we feel as if we're fighting a war. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground in this journey.

Right now I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. You wouldn't believe all the people working so hard and diligently to try and get some of us out to the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch show the end of this month. And when I say working hard, I mean it. Between phone calls and emails and conversations it's been a lot of work. Not to mention the emotional energy it takes. One minute we're high thinking "yes! We're going to do it! Yes! We're going to make it happen" and the next it could be deep despair wondering "how in the hell are we going to do it?"

The past two weeks there was a lot of politicking in Tallahassee. What a roller coaster of emotion that was. From minute to minute we were either at the high point or the low. It's indescribable.

And it's nothing to do with being manic. We're all experiencing it. I think it has more to do with how passionate we feel about all this. I imagine the Walsh's probably felt the same struggles.

But so many people are stepping up and doing their best. Words in blogs or emails simply can't describe the gratitude I feel whether we make it happen or not. It's the fact that so many people care and realize the importance of preventing further future tragedies. The more awareness the more people will realize the flaws. I met a young lady in the bookstore yesterday. I wish I had some of California's brochures that talk about cell phone use and calling 9-1-1. Young people need to know what their cell phones can and cannot do. Same with old people. We all need to know. It isn't that 9-1-1 is bad. 9-1-1 is wonderful! It's a wonderful system that constantly needs to be changing a long with the rest of us. IMO 9-1-1 needs to evolve along side of communication technology. They should be evolving together.

I'll get off my soapbox because that's not what I intended to convey in this post.

I meant in this post to thank so many persons that I can't even begin to name them. They, I don't think, would want their names out there anyway. They aren't doing this for any pub. They are doing this because they know what's right. And this is right.

Evil infiltrated our family over a year ago. The worst evil imaginable. At one time I thought evil would simply just take us all over. I mean there were so many broken hearts and there was so much anger. Well, we're still broken hearted and that won't change. We're still angry about a lot of things and that probably won't change either. But because of the goodness in all these people, evil will not override our entire lives and EVIL WILL NOT WIN!

That's what I wanted to say.

Much love and peace to all!